Western House

Hey all this is my second attempt at making a map. Actually I made this map just to showcase the western house I did. I made the house a prefab is anyone wants to use it in their map. Here is a link to the prefab : click me

Also I’ve included the actual map with the prefab just if you want to use the setup that I have already.

And here is a picture of the map/prefab/house :


Please tell me what you think ! Thank you in advance and enjoy !

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I added the map file. Sorry I added the vmf of the map by accident.

It’s not bad, but to me it looks more like a western store than a house

nice job. now make a bunch of different styles and you got yourself a western town!


I’ll try :smiley:

Why is it boarded up? Kidding looks good man. Is it enter-able?

Nope, but I can make it enter-able :slight_smile: