Western Map Request

Hi, I have a map request for a western type of map. Something along the lines of this:

A Red Dead Redemption style type of map. Just a few wood buildings and a dirt path right down the middle of the small town.

Didn’t you already make a request just recently? Prehaps make yourself a request thread so people don’t have to sift through these?

There are plenty of western mods for half life 2, just use the maps for that.

First you request a server, and when you got that now you want a map.

Uh yeah, im putting alot of preparation into what im doing.

I thought I remembered someone making something like this… MendeR (MenteR?) might have. I’m not entirely sure though, but I think it was his last map or something, and that he was done with Source SDK. Maybe check that out?

He is back into mapping. For Of2 i think.

where would I find it?

Somewhere here on Facepunch. If the Releases subforum was still available, then it’d be a lot easier to locate. I’d be able to find if if I could check his/her posts, but Facepunch hasn’t allowed me to do that for some reason for a few months now.

To access search, you need to buy gold. I suspect the subforum removal was just a way for garry to force people to buy gold.

here you go, if that’s not it then you want to play some hl2dm
cause i have played some similar map the one you looking fo 2/3 year ago.

What? Well that sucks. Now, I can look at old posts I made where I asked help on something, or got criticism for my maps, or look for old map releases, find old topics, etc. I have nothng against garry, but, to do all this to try and get people to give money to him, when he has the most popular Source Mod ever made, and has made so much with all the sales of it, then to me, that’s just a bit wrong.

too right, PID18.

Can still use google. It is a bit of a pain though.

Oh, and you can’t earn gold now, you have to buy it.

You used to be able to EARN gold? How?

5 years and 2k posts i think.

I earnt mine…i didn’t buy it.

I found some prefabs of mine from 1-2 years ago. PM me if you want it.