western rp server

i know this is the wrong section but i cant find any other sections to put it in i want to find a wild west rp server to play on i am getting tired of all this css weapon rps if you guys at facepunch hate this remove it but i am just asking THANKS

There is no successful WestRP to my knowledge.

Darn that sucks well if anyone else can help me that would be good :slight_smile:

Actually, me and a firend are attempting to make one.

Currently no news on when it’s done.

I’m glad that it is still W.I.P and not the finished project, since it looks a lot like that desert theme that some people used back in the day on Windows 98.
Sorry to say this, but it looks really ugly.
Of course, Cakescript was never beautiful.

You should remake the derma if you can, perhaps add your very own theme (if you know how to).

Yeah I know it looks horrible. Still looking for a better color scheme that would fit the western style. Unfortunatly that isn’t very easy since I’m not the most creative person. And what do you mean with your very own theme?

He means like custom derma menus instead of the default CakeScript ones.

Indeed I do, but you can also create your own GMOD themes (It alters the derma + Q menu style).

Looks good.

your rp needs to be dark rp man that’s the only good one

W… W… What???

Dark RP…?

I’m so confused!


I’m working on a western RP based on Nexus. :3:

I’m guessing we are gonna see allot of Western Server Attempts soon, with the release of Red Dead Redemption and everything.


I forgot about that game, I recently saw a Clint Eastwood movie and was like “Awwwww yehh!”

DARK RP OOOONLY GOOD RP that’s what im asking for this is not a discuss the development of a western rp server based of nexus i am asking for a dark rp server using a old west map with mad cows fof sweps and some wild west models Jesus

Then you sir, are a minge. :3:

Anywhozle. There is a server, let me snatch ze ip real quick.

Also, I was not discussing the development of my server, I was simply stating that I would be setting one up in case you’d be interested as you were searching for a western rp server. Good day to you. :3:

Anywhozle the most bitchin word EVER

I don’t understand…

i like dark rp simple :):

Fuck yea! make it! :smiley: but I hope you’ll add custom models (Like bandit, sheriff, cowboy, citizen, etc.)

i agree