Western Theme Server (http://www.wildwildrust.com)

(http://www.wildwildrust.com) Is a western themed server and rule set. I am looking for modders, admins, world builders, natives, deputies, and of course citizens. The server launched 1-26-14. Some systems listed on the web page aren’t implemented, some require admins, some don’t work because I need to tweak settings, but this is a project and if this type of server interests you at all I hope you will join me. Mature players please.

I’m not sure what this is,

this sounds like a great idea. good luck!

Intresting, if i was natural english speaker i would go for sure on it.

It’s an “RP server” that retires some crafts (C4, metal structure, kevlar, military weapon), and have a big city (if i understand), player in the city should help each other, there are a sheriff and some guys (i guess they are player) that can lead the town… but the most important thing is, you do what ever you want, if you want to be a lonewolf cowboy you can. i hope some other country will steal your idea dirty boy. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m actualy french.

That sounds amazing, I’ll join.

Check out the website before you come so you know the laws of the land.

Well call me “Wild” Dick Buttermuffin because I’ve been waiting for a role play server like this.

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Few things: 1. I can’t find the server IP anywhere.

  1. Who are the deputies? Are they admins or players? Because if they’re players, how are the deputies selected?

  2. Just a suggestion, but I feel like Kevlar should be eliminated entirely even for deputies. For one it gives them a massive advantage over other players considering military weapons are not craftable. And there is also the chance that a deputy will secretly allow their non-deputy friends to research and ultimately craft Kevlar. And lastly it’s just not very western to have Kevlar.

  3. Are attachments also unobtainable? I would hope so since you won’t see too many cowboys running around with a revolver customized with a laser sight.

The ip is on the website under the PLAY link at the top. Please read the laws first :slight_smile:

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If you read the website you will have all of your answers guys :slight_smile: http://www.wildwildrust.com