Western Town

Well, I’m making a western town, simply put. I need ideas and more buildings.

Most of the buildings are based off from this site

Need to do list:
More Buildings.
Some how enclose map.
Find good lighting.
Maybe replace some prop doors with brushed base ones, like ones on top of hotel/saloon.
Make most buildings inside the town enter-able.

I need more ideas and buildings. Like this is currently made for l4d2, but maybe I could use it for TTT, because the western map I played on that wasn’t so good.
Also, you can see this isn’t a ghost town, it’s a still “alive” type of western town.

So, if you could offer any ideas to me and post some images of old western buildings that would be great.
Also, you can help me if you wish, if you make a building I’ll add it to my map and make sure to say you helped. We’ll make signs that say “Dippeggs Gun Shop” just not my name, yours.

the streets need props and foliage but other than that looking good

It looks good so far, but you just need some more decals and more foliage props in the streets. Maybe some barrels and other old western props too. But great start! Can’t wait to see the finish!

The buildings brushwork is acceptable, but it all looks a bit bland. Add some decals and props and just overall work on a lot of detail

I can tell the organisation is inspired by Armadillo of RDR, trainstation, saloon and general store are all in the exact places they should be, but the saloon is now Jake’s.

Very good, but something about the church feels VERY off.


Oh I know, you forgot the cross ontop of the church. Silly.

I like it, the Dead Center skybox really compliments the atmosphere.

I think it looks fine, the textures aren’t bland, they’re realistic.

Can you make one of those bush things blow through the town?


I could really use some images of towns from western movies or real places. Like Back to The Future 3 and other movies, I need more ideas for buildings.

Also, I’m gonna try to import some plants and props from CSS and HL2. Now I just got to remember how. :confused:

Play Red Dead Redemption.

Oh I am, but still I would like some screens.

Anywho, anyone know how to get CSS and HL2 props to L4D2 hammer? I forgot how.

there is a tool for that it’s called “CFG something-something”

Wow this really reminded me of Read Dead Redemption, I like it.

Red Dead anyone? I made a map like this once but mine was rather blocky heh.

*GCF viewer.



Marshalls office. Undertaker’s (You know, “coffin shop”). Hotel. Cattle pens. Trainstation. Watertower.

Make it large with some prairie around it plox.

(Dawn/sunset lightning, reddish/orange color correction :v:)