Wet sand

i decided to make it rain during normandy :slick:


Posing done by:gtanoofa

Rate and comment constructively:frogsiren:

That muzzle flash looks a little dark and perhaps a little too orange. Those clouds are awesome, I don’t know if those were ingame or not. The rain isn’t bad, but I feel there should be a little more depth in them; make a few smaller ones and bigger ones to give the effect that it’s raining everywhere. It looks like you did that, but not well enough or at least not well enough in the places it should matter (by the boats). I probably would have put a little more shading here and there.

p good

thaks man. :buddy: but the clouds were edited in

The sky seems a little bit bright for it to be raining, but other than that I see nothing wrong.

If you think thats a little bright you don’t know other climates weather.

You also decided to make it brown, but other than that it looks nice.

its already been established that the weather was shitty that day

But not raining.

Anyways, it doesn’t matter. Nice picture - good editing all 'round. My only real complaint is that blood wouldn’t pool on sand like that.


(User was banned for this post ("Image macro" - Greeman))

Stop that.

oh my b, i just wanted to try new techniques(probably didn’t spell right) on this one


Enough with the bandwagon shit…im tired of complaints about brown :geno:

The guy in the pool of blood looks sort of out of place, like he’s floating or something. Maybe needs more shadowing? Cool picture nonetheless.

lol the name of the picture

then don’t use it

they’re legitimate complaints and if you choose to ignore them, then you should fully expect to be criticised for it. maybe you should’ve made everything grey or a hazy blue instead to fit the setting and the weather a little

or yet more remarkable, just rolled with realistic colour grading


also your tracers look like those wiggly bacteria, you know the ones

that’s not what tracers look like, at all, ever

Lacks a bit of luminosity.

i wa strying to make them look like the tracers from brothers in arms hells highway

sort of like this but a different color:


well i dunno why gearbox made them like that, but believe me, tracers don’t wiggle

i guess if you say so…ive never used tracer bullets anyways

i’m in the army, so yeah, trust me on this one

i could even show you how they work if you want

nice! thanks for serving. i never really joined…because i didnt want to go to boot camp :stuck_out_tongue: