"We've got the VIP colonel!"

C&C are welcome

I think we can all tell that Crosby was the one doing all the work on this op

look at that masked face

that is the face of a motherfucker

Which one is Crosby?

The masked one.

Wherefrom did those models come?

if you ever see somebody in SEAL gear saving the world, it’s invariably Crosby

People are from Black Ops 2, the weapons I’m not sure, but I want to say Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

All models come from this thread :


looks like defalco’s entire body is hanged with cloth hanger.

It looks like the masked guy is trying to hump the guy on the right O_o

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Also, the image is too desaturated, you can make a better colorful contrast on the left hand side, inparticular, the blue eyes dude and the fire, both are very good for color contrast since orange goes well with blue. You should increase the colors on both those elements because the presence of that gray vip jacket makes it even more black-white.