weyland yutani corp's : unknown test subjects

U.S.S. Akagi’s cargo is unknow but its destiny is Earth…



Far, far too much smoke coming off that cigarette. On the bottom picture, the left soldier appears to be lilting to the side, and his hand’s clipping.

The bubble effect is cool, and the general pose isn’t bad, at all, though.


That’s one smokey cig.

I’ll call it… SUPER CIGARETTE!

I love the concept and the posing is pretty good.

hahaha no it isn’t

those guys are so stiff and their weight counterbalance is nonexistent for their weapons

From the first angle, that guard is like, completely vertical. Holy shit.

holy shit what
this is not how people stand man

Jeah I need more work in the posing. Thanks for the feedback and the critic.

the cargo is UNKNOW