WFC Megatron Textures and export to SFM Help

I was working on getting WFC Megatron to SFM, but on the way to getting his textures from Fall of Cybertron(He’s in there, in L02b "Megatron’s Death), I pretty much got lost in my steps. This is pretty much what I have so far:[/t]

The only thing I know I’m missing is his Fusion Cannon that he has in the gameplay QTE cutscene. I ran flat againt a wall in my progress, and I was hoping someone would help finish the model and bring him to SFM and have him rigged.


Bump. Anyone here want take him and get him to SFM? I had an idea that if I had someone do this model, I could learn how they did it and then repeat what they did for the other models. Should I do leave this here, or put this in the Model Request thread?