WH:40k- The General's funeral

that ilya repin homage tho


a more compassionate leader might have delegated one or two of the 8 foot tall superhuman death machines to carry the giant solid stone coffin, instead of five completely normal humans who will now never move their spines again

but a more compassionate leader wouldn’t be a commissar

i shudder every time i see those awful, glowing, unshaded helmets of those old Ultramarine models, and the inverted magazines on their bolters. why Wraith, WHY

that Catachan looks rather out of place in his blockiness. You probably should’ve used another guardsman in his place, even if it would’ve lessened the character variation.

Now that you said it Joazzz I can’t help but not notice it, also, I think there’s something in the old eyes that makes them look autistic

as to C&C, you should have really went with tessellated ground, the obvious flatness of the geometry together with a non-flat bumpmap is really off putting imo.

I could have sworn those were fixed a long long long time ago. Will try to verify over the weekend


the Ultramarine helmet glow problem is the issue being addressed