Wh the name of the incinerator door from portal?

Shit, don’t know what happened to the title, supposed to be “What is the name of the incinerator door from portal?” Sorry.

You know, the one where they make you drop your faithful companion cube into the Aperture Science incinerator, or when you get to throw Glados’s cores into it? I want to use it in a map but I can’t find the stupid thing. Even typing in “inc” in the world model filter filters it out.

If you really can’t find it, maybe look thorugh all the models?


Be clever and increase your chances of getting an answer by posting it in the megathread.

First off, I’m not sure you realize how many models that would be, although I was already planning on resorting to that if I didn’t get the answer. Second, increase my chances? Do you have any idea what you’re talking about? No. Just no. I’ve already used it twice and never got a reply to either question. And third, wouldn’t it have been more beneficial to everyone if you had actually answered the question?

No. Now you know the more efficient alternatives to making a pointless thread.

Besides, you don’t have to be a douche about it, I wasn’t having a go.

How was I being a douche? I never said anything bad about you at all. And no, you did not state any more effective ways. You stated two less effective ways that I already knew about. Also, I’m not sure you understand the meaning of “pointless”. Now really your responses aren’t helping anyone.

I found it in 2 minutes…

Look harder next time

Ohhhh so that’s what that was. Sorry, I saw that one, but from the default view the model viewer gives you I couldn’t tell it was what I was looking for. Feel free to rate dumb.

And will do.