WH40K Imperial Guard - Crysis USMC reskin


Pictures (beta version of the skin used, now has better normal maps and different insignia as shown above):


Two skins - camouflage and no camouflage.
Both skins are hexed!
New normal maps.
Fully fingerposable! Yes! Every finger!
Black dude and white dude with and without helmets and with and without goggles (that’s 12 models overall!)


ChestyMcGee - original camouflaged reskin, emblems and insignia, release pictures.
IDOTS - plain reskin (based off camouflaged reskin) and normal maps
Wystan - hexing and spawn-list

Special thanks to my two colleagues!

It includes 12 models. With Camo, and Without. And 3 different goggle placements.


Ooh, new stuff!

Images dont work.

fuck yeah. downloading now.

Ffffff- fookin filesmelt.

Great to have been a help!

Since the pics don’t work, I must ask, is the models those dudes from the 2nd post? If so I’ll download it right away.

Yeah they are

Holy shit, the skin looks better than I expected. good job guys

Thank god for Chesty…Man you guys rock. Any chance of making the IG “Lasagun”?

I’m planning to learn modelling at some point and, knowing the fairly blocky nature and lack of real detail in the lasgun, it might be a good starting point for me. We shall see.

I love you.

Great reskin man, this will come handy :slight_smile: Its a shame the models are not faceposable :confused:

It’s Lasgun.

You really should have reskinned the camo to a karskin camo IMO - this one doesn’t fit.

But the no camo version looks awesome.

Karskin aren’t actually camo’d by the looks of things. They’re actually just the plain version of this skin but with random red bits.

kasrkin use masks

nice models, I’m looking forward to all the nice poses people will make w/ them

-snip because this is TOTALLY the wrong thread- :downs: