Wh40k Space Marine models

Maybe someone could port the model from “Space Marine”?





yeah i have the game i could ripp spacemarine but someone have to rigg
and port them

I’d love to see multiplayer models…

If you can rip them, send them to me. I’ll drop everything to work on these badasses.

You don’t need to rip them or rig them.

ah? Explain…

It would appear someone’s already developed a model importer for 3DSMax for the game.
Unfortunately, I don’t use 3DSMax or own a copy of Space Marine. :v:

So coud you give me a link for it please?

This I think.


Great idea :smiley: and if you could pls ripp some chaos marines too :smiley:

ok, its work but doesnt load textures…

just apply them manualy.

i don’t know what material i need, and when i export it i have no coordonate… so…

Like wraith said, apply them manually. If you don’t know, Then it’s probably better if you don’t mess around something, if you have no clue what you’re doing.

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Brother Santos’ tool is still improper. And waiting for the fix.

yep forget it i dunno texturing on 3dsmax