-includes three classes of Titans from 17 Titan Legions: 
 Warhound scout titan, Reaver battle titan, Warlord battle titan (smallest to biggest)

-each titan comes in Lucius and Mars pattern form.
 the former are blocky and practical-looking while the latter are curvy and fancy

-all equipped with bodygroups for weapons and some accessories, plus skins for lights

-works just fine in SFM but no native IK support

-10 loyalist Legions

-7 traitor Legions

-most traitorous Legions have access to uncorrupted, loyalist-looking machines, but not all do. 
 lore-savvy people will understand.

-banner props included, but their spawn icons are fucked so be sure not to miss them.
 three non-Legion specific flags in the main folder and one for each Legion. use the joint tool with them.


----these things range from big to fucking huge so prepare your map accordingly----


preview images, first one by S1l3nts:


-Lucius pattern Warlord titan’s body originally ported from Space Marine and modified
-Warhound titan frame and weapons from a Dawn of War mod, can’t remember which one it originally came from
-the rest from scratch, basically, especially the Mars-pattern Warlord god damn that thing turned out GREAT

i’ll add the Emperor class Titan to some Legions later on, and power fists too


ps: FT endorses this

I endorse this.

Joazzz brings us the gifts of Omnissiah’s fury! It is magnificent!

we have the first testimonial from a user

Very amazing looking models! Though forgive my ignorance as someone who mainly got a taste of Warhammer 40k through Dawn of War and Space Marine, just how much of a big deal are Titans of power? I thought Terminators were powerful enough already.

Titans are xbawx fuckhueg™

That’s the official measurement.

The Imperium uses them to pacify global regions, if that gives a sense of size and power. They are capable of bringing down capital ships from orbit when armed accordingly.

one Warhound Scout Titan would be enough to win any huge tank battle of WW2 by itself.

one Reaver Battle Titan would be enough to send a sizable modern ground army running for their lives in a one-on-one fight.

one Warlord Battle Titan could level the entire Manhattan island in minutes.

one Imperator Battle Titan packs enough firepower to literally destroy nations.

one well organized and equipped Titan battlegroup - a small Titan Legion or a portion of a bigger one - can destroy a civilization, a culture, a world within weeks.

armaments include miniguns that fire tank shells, microwave projectors that have armor and fortress walls running like hot wax, laser cannons that deliver enough heat energy to make metal spontaneously explode, gigantic flamers, plasma accelerators that fire miniature supernovae, missiles racks designed to destroy cities, nuclear weapons, and rocket warheads that suck everything caught in the blast into the Warp.

and all protected by nigh-impenetrable energy shields.



Epic release well done. Thank you for your time and attention on this.

their size could be considered a weakness though right? you could see them comming from fucking orbit, and the biggest ones are literally walking fortresses.
the machine itself is a tough son of a bitch, but what about the people piloting the damn things? what if they get killed, corrupted, infected, eaten, taken over by a brain controlling parasite, suddenly go banana’s? what then?

Nico belic is probably on his way right now; “THIS IS A JECKING!”

Big death! Big death! BIG DEATH!

Oh yes. OH YES.

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The pilots are inside the titans, getting to them is no easy task.
If they get corrupted by chaos they turn into chaos titans. That’s what the chaos legions are.
Infected by what? Brain controlling parasites are not really a thing in 40k either, and even if they were, there’s still the issue of getting to the pilot in the first place.
The pilots cannot go insane so easily. They are trained to have unbendable wills, which is necessary in order to force the machine spirit of the titan into submission, they do not crack so easily.

i’m certain there are spores, worms, bugs and other kinds of nasty small xenos creatures in the galaxy that have mindcontrol abilities, but if Titans are deployed into a place where small shit like that can be assumed to exist, they have the ability to seal their hulls airtight

indeed, a scout Titan often has the temper of a hungry bloodhound while larger and older Titans can be sentient and are usually filled with bloodthirsty rage - if the pilot can’t keep his or her mood in check the massive consciousness of the Titan first absorbs the driver’s mind and then takes control of the war machine and kills everything it can get its cannons on

the Imperium of Man doesn’t know the concept of “too big to be practical”. besides, the bigger it is, the stronger armor and shields it has

Don’t forget what occured on Isstvan III with the Dies Irae. They are definitely easily sealed if need be :v:

if their so good why hasn’t the imperium of man won the war and taken control of the galaxy?

as for things getting inside the titans. im talking about, as big as a man or even smaller. once inside, whats to stop them from ruining the cables, killing the crew and turning the titan into a festering hive?

i’m talking something like xenomorphs; getting into every nook and cranny, using acid to melt their way into the titan or generally make a mess.
or the flood, or in dawn of war hammers case, orks; spores.
and surely, with all the planets, species and constant war, there are some sort of flesh eating parasites or diseases that would find the insides of a titan to be nice and comfy

they’re not.

because the Imperium of Man is a rotten, corrupt, technologically stagnant medieval shithole that has been slowly crumbling for the last 10 000 years, and that is basic lore.

because 1. imperium is stagnant theocracy that despises new technology as heretical bollocks, 2. the opposing factions also have their own forms of titans, even the orks have got their huge giant manifestations of gods that can pillage and go toe-to-toe with the imperium’s stuff, along with being more reproducible because of the imperium’s current technology status

It takes the imperium decades to build a single titan. Imperators are not even buildable anymore because they lost the blueprints. Even if they had the blueprints they still could not build them due to lack of resources and manpower.

They cannot get inside. The titans are sealed. They can even seal against the life-eater virus like steven said, a weapon that makes mincemeat all the creatures you just mentioned. If the fucking life-eater virus cannot get inside, nothing can.
Ork spores do not do anything unless they can actually grow. If a spore gets lodged on a titan, it’s like a seed inside a metal box. Without water or light to grow it will just wither and die.
Xenomorph acid cannot go through space marine ceramite armor much less titan plating. The flood and the xenomorphs are puny in comparison to most stuff in 40k, taking out a titan is completely out of question.

And now we merely need to wait for Knights, then the Imperium’s List of Big Stompy Things will be complete~!

Yay for titans!