What 3D modeling program do you recommend?

Hi as the topic I want to know what do you recommend a program for 3D modeling to Garry’s mod 10th I still use the Google SketchUp 7pro but I do not know how to export the model to mdl. SMD managed to do this but I have no idea where to get hold of this file mdl? If anyone knows how to do this file, please provide a detailed guide and how to do it then I would not have to type sv_cheats 1 command to the model put on the map. I read the guide from Mr Jaanus but this is a tutorial to build models and I’m looking for how to create a model of how to save the file mdl and how to create the file with an SMD or else there. Please answer quickly, and if I write to someone at church, please amortized, because after months of waiting for a response from the person. Thanks for any help and please even more people would have written not just one.You can also write to me on YouTube: Di3g0Sooldier, or gg 11799874.PS. I use a Polish-English translator, if someone does not understand what he writes will try to somehow improve.

You have to create several .smd files for different animaitons. Take a look into this:

Its a tutorial for blender, Watch the video too

Thanks. I watch the video again.


Milkshape is good because it is simple, but I recommend Blender.

AutoDesk Maya but cost $5000.00 and it’s what they made toy story with. Hope you know how to torrent

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i like 3ds max because of its simple layout. and its pretty easy to import models into gmod. oh to get the mdl you have to have a qc, a qc is a file that is used to compile you model for gmod. Its pretty hard when you start out but then you get use to it, as for tutorial here : http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=542906&highlight=mariokart
Its teaches how to import models in gmod with textures and everything :wink:

you can download a trail of 3ds max at there website autodesk

We aren’t talking about a 30 day trial version of a 3500 USD program; we are talking about a permanent solution, such as an incredibly inexpensive modeling program, or an opensource/shareware version.

Well! -_-

Milkshape is only $35 I believe. Blender is free but I prefer Milkshape.

wings 3d

Thanks for help. I understand. I have blender.Hmm maybe milkshape? ok again thanks for help.

Me 2 ,but blender is good for shape some things :stuck_out_tongue:


It depends on your skills with 3d

reiterating here: wings 3d is free and has a really intuitive and simple-to-learn interface. if you haven’t made a shitty gun model in your first hour of downloading it you are doing something wrong.

Since we’re all chiming in here, I prefer Blender. I tried XSI and 3ds, and I couldn’t get used to the interface. It was way to cluttered and slow. Blender might be harder on n00bs, but once you learn the hotkeys, you can be pretty fast with it.

If you want a program suitable for your needs that’s inexpensive, then I would recommend Milkshape, as it has built-in tools for importing and exporting SMD files, which is exactly what you’ll need.

Personally, I use 3DS Max because I find the UI to be pretty user friendly, but it’s a very expensive software so that’s obviously not a practical solution; unless you can get a free copy as a student at a school or something.

There’s also a program called KHED that was designed for low-poly game modeling. I believe this program has support for Source SMD files (or there’s a SMD plugin for it at the very least). Take a look in to that if you want. I don’t know anything about its UI so I can’t vouch for its usefulness.

Personally I wouldn’t pay to get milkshape. It’s outdated and you can’t go as “far” with it as you could with say, Blender.

I’ve tried Milkshape a few times and I didn’t like it. I tried and got practically nowhere but that’s just me. With Wings3d I was making decent stuff within the first 10 minutes. I still use Blender for my day to day 3d stuff though.

I’m just starting out at modeling, but I’ve found XSI to be pretty easy to learn. but I found a bucket load of tutorials for it covering almost all the features I think. It probably will depend on how you like to model. I’m also looking into 3DS MAX and Maya, as my dad already owns them. yes I’m privileged.