What 3d modelling should I use?

Yes I know but I couldnt find a satisfying answer for me.
So I want to know a good 3d modelling program no matter how much does it cost.
What program game developers are using nowadays? Which one is going to be the most used in the future or at the moment?
Will 3d studio max be as popular as it’s now?


use 3ds max to start with then bring it in zbrush to really increase those polygons but if you want to go straight ahead with the hard stuff use zbrush

Most game developers use Zbrush with a combination of 3Ds max or Maya.
IMO I think Zbrush is going to be the most used since now you can model hard surface objects way easier than before, and you can make very advance models in a short amount of time then you can in 3ds max or Maya.

I personally use both 3Ds Max and Zbrush for my models.

3DS Max and Blender are what most people use.The two most obvious differences between the two are mainly the cost - 3DS Max has a rather hefty price tag on it (you can get it for free by signing up as a student) while Blender is an open source program and is completely free of charge. They are both decent programs that are commonly used, but I’d go with 3DS Max. The interface for Blender is a bit touchy at times, and the more recent versions seem to have bugs in quite a few of the functions that existed in some of the earlier versions.

From the way he worded his post I figured he was asking what is used in the industry. I could be wrong in my interpretation though. If we’re talking industry standards, blender is certainly not one.

I wasn’t entirely sure about their opening post, tbh. I thought they were mainly asking for a program that they could use, and then asking what is used in the industry afterwards. Since I didn’t have a complete understanding of what they were saying in the OP, I mainly named off the two most common programs I’ve seen used outside of the industry.

Never use blender, is a pain in the ass…

3ds max and zbrush.

Hey thanks for the answers I think Im going to start with 3D max and learn the basics but now Im little busy with playing with my friends so I wasnt able to reply in time

Yeah but Im interested in blender since its free to use.

No. Don’t use Blender. Ever.

That all comes down to who’s using the program, really. I know a few people that despise 3DS Max because of how difficult they thought it was to use, as well as a few who despise Blender for the exact same thing.

this sort of unwavering blindness for what tools can and can not be used holds everyone back

stop thinking like this. I don’t like blender personally and I don’t see it as viable in a professional environment that is heavily set up on standards or relies on specific features, but it’s not like it’s incapable of producing just as good of results.

it’s all in the artist

Well I was going to suggest you use Blender, but obviously the people who’ve posted before me know something that I don’t about it.

I’ve been using Blender for the past two years on everything I’ve ported or modeled.
There’s nothing wrong with the program barring the occasional bug during an update – if you find it to be a terrible program, that’s entirely on you.

If you’re planning on going into the industry, I will definitely recommend ZBrush for any detailed modeling. The bases you can make in either 3DSMax or Blender, it really depends on your tastes.
I suggest you try them both out for yourself before taking the advice of the ignorant.

If you’re planning on doing significant animation work, I hear Maya is one of the most popular options in the industry, but I can’t vouch for that personally, having never used it.

Sorry about that, was talking from personal experience with the program. Ignore me then. =/

Don’t sweat it, Blender’s interface (especially versions pre 2.5) was a little daunting, but it’s currently -very- good (and the space-bar menu is a real time saver. I’d suggest you give the latest version, I find it simpler to use than 3DS Max these days but I am used to it so don’t take my word for it.

generally this question gets asked a lot
everyone has already answered but

companies use 3ds max/maya
for sculpting
japanese companies tend to use lightwave or XSI more often.
but again its not always the companies choice its the modelers most comfortable program
as some companies only hire the modeler for 1 job.