What 3D program to start with?

i know this is a stupid question but is there a program to create models and/or skins?

See the other “what program do you use for modeling” threads. There should be quite a few on the first pages.

Oh and the title wasn’t terribly descriptive. The job of the title is to say what your question that you need help with is.

I started with blender3d its free
Difficulty: 6/10

Started with milkshape, but I recommend 3ds max, I’m using it and it’s way easier, and there are a lot of tutorials out there, take Digital-Tutors as example, those guys are really great, start with those tutorials and you should be fine.

I thought 3ds max was the easiest to learn.
but blender and xsi are free so go with them first

I’m a Maya guy, but I’m weird like that.

Maya’s not bad. It just has tons of features that are useless to you unless you know exactly what you do. Though I still prefer 3dsMax’s workflow, I work really slowly in Maya.

Start with free one, because you know, they are free afterall.