What a Courent Game

I whant to make a roleplay map for Gmod , but i don’t know what current game to use ??

Second thread? post in the mega-thread bro :buddy:

Any game will do; Garry’s Mod is compatible with all Source games by Valve, and several other indie Source games.

Meh might aswel answer his question. Counterstrike source is what most mappers use for rp maps.

Above post is better.

If you wish to theme your map in a valley with lot’s of nature,
Like robynsvalley & mountainvillage. Go for episode 2

sry cuz i make a new thread , but i don’t reminde about the megathread , and i will use that next time .
And if i use Ep2 a lot of people who don’t have EP2 will see all pink or a lot of think from the map !

That is true indeed. But they will not download it either (or join) if they see what the contents are.
For a long time i didn’t have CSS (n00b) & I had to fold whenever they had good maps with css content.
It’s up to you as a map maker! Btw there’s alot of guys with ep2 so don’t be afraid.

Yes , but i have a lot of friends who don’t have EP2 and he will can play on my map !

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But i think to use HL2 , or , CSS

Someone once asked me why i insist on mapping in ep2 when some people don’t have ep2. I replied that if they didn’t have it by now, they are idiots, and i wont cut out potential content for that minority.

Except it isn’t a minority, the sales on the episodes do not come close to the amount of Half-Life 2 sales.

There’s always the Orange Box

ep2 has been on sale so many times, that there has been no reason to ignore it. Especially as it is the better of the two.

Beside the L4D’s :jerkbag: