"What a Crap, We're missing." - Missing 3 soldiers are moving



“We’re lost”, is the correct term my good sir.

Scenebuild? If yes, really nice one.
Posing? Looks great.
Angle? Its ok.
Editing? The shadows are overdone under the arms and on some other parts and it looks a bit opaque.

Also, you edited the blood on the left soldier’s face? looks neat.

This reminds a bit of my idea that i was going to do D:

Well. I do my idea anyway.

yeah. it’s scenebuild
and i didn’t edited the blood

That’s a very oily helmet.

The helmet is too big for his head. :byodood:.

The guy on the left looks like his clothes and helmet are way too big for him.


By the way, the contrast-brightness ratio looks a bit messed up.

The shading is piss-poor and that guy has a nosebleed.

Really, don’t overdo the shading.

Teens drafted into the army?

What a crap indeed, he’s bleeding through the nose.