What a good Webspace provider I can use for FastDL?

I’m setting up a new gamemode that’s pretty heavy on some required files, so I’ll be needing a fast download. If you could hit me up with some good webspace providers that’d be helpful.

Thanks a ton :slight_smile:

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By the way, I’m pushing a total of 4gbs of data that needs to be downloaded to players, should that help.

Just use a free host. You probably won’t need more then 20GB transfer for a while.

Some providers such as xenon and brohoster provide free fastdownload too.

4GB? Why so much?

You’ll have no players with that much content. Hell, that’s bigger than the average FPer’s porn folder.

do you think people are going to sit around and wait for 4GB to download

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that’s 4 hours on my connection (and probably most of the other people in the UK too)

even on a 1mbps download i doubt people are willing to wait that long.

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its still 4 times smaller then mine.

Yeaaa, I wouldn’t wait for 4 gigabyte to be downloaded trough a FastDL mirror.
Make it a separate download, heavily compress it (7zip might be handy, and can also make it a self extracting archive) and upload it on somewhere like MegaUpload.com