"What a nice pistol ! " Two Airborne Soldiers walking.

Just a pose and a quickie edit.


nice pic i’ll give you artys

Thanks =D.

Good posing.

The soldier on the right got his legs behind him, like he was doing that smooth criminal move, but the rest of the posing is great.


Thanks, I’m a shit with photoshop, so I do my best on the pose ^^.

Looks pretty good!

The Next Day
Omaha Beach, 1944 June 6th.


Lol Bubz.

I lol’d at Bubz’s pic. The pistol part reminded me of Band of Brothers and how that one guy wanted to get a luger.

Two, if you count the other guy’s brother in the US…But really who puts a Luger P08 in their pants without safety?!?

That was just depressing.


Awesome Bubz ! XD.

Someone wants the original to edit it ?


Hm, dunno.

Did you use loads of chromatic aberration or something? The picture looks weirdly blurry.

It’s probably because of the too-much of gaussian blur.