What about digging?

So, I love this game! Been playing it awhile now… I was wondering if any thought or consideration had been given to letting players dig or build subterranean bases? Even motes around a base with spikes or being able to dig out troublesome areas of land for base creation etc…

Just wondering what you guys thought, it would bring a ton of new elements/abilities to the crafting and creation world as well.

I dont really think that would work with rust :|.

It could work.
I explained that a little bit here.

Garry mentions this in his AMA and says things like digging a hole with a shovel to stash loot is definitely feasible but he sounded iffy about digging tunnels and caves, though IIRC he was open to adding caves just not perhaps allowing the creation of them like in Minecraft.

Google garrys AMA on reddit and read it, interesting look into the future of Rust.

Would be too much
doesnt really match to rust either i think
and i also think that the unity engine cant handle this that well

Read my threat.
It can even handle it with Voxelfarm.

If you’re allowed to craft a square wood tunnel with one side shown as dirt, you don’t have to worry about modifying the map or existing mechanics much… Just add tunnel craft items like doors, ramps, etc.

That would be terrible imo.

Well it would help you keep a low profile if you could build underground… and avoid having your base spotted easily.

But I will admit that it does have the problem of everybody ending up doing it and thus, nobody would want to build normally anymore as they’d be targeted by everybody else.

I dont agree about DIGGING but i would love to see caves and diferent places on rust such as snow and desert. But for me i supose facepunch could/should work on improving the game performance first. then working on adding new features. Fixing glitches would be a top priority for me.

Would love to see tunnelling as a means of lowering the profile of buildings a bit, but, it adds a nasty paranoid inducing new form of raiding in the form of sapping, which could just end up forcing players to build higher again.

Being able to level terrain would be good though, as a compromise between the two.

Voxel farm doesn’t work with unity atm without some serious coding to integrate it. The way these devs are tight with the money I don’t see them investing in this unfortunately. They went with really cheap networking package (and we suffered) they chose cheap sky package (which is buggy and ugly) they only use VAC and nothing else to stop cheating (which is stupid considering the current problems). I honestly don’t see them paying for anything like this that needs alot of work to integrate into unity. I’d rather they invest in an additional form of anti-cheat security imho.
I checked out voxel farm and if that was in rust it would open so many different avenues of features that they could implement… but at the pace they are developing the features they already have talked about this would never make it.

Codehatch was able to integrate it pretty well.
So I have no doubts that facepunch can do this, too.

asked for it in my list a couple weeks ago.

I think they ignore most of the ideas because they haven’t really started getting moving yet on the core gameplay.


They can’t start to work on every user idea instantly. That’s not how game development works.