what about having quicksand..

Now that we have rivers, lets have some quicksand.

Your running down the beach and notice a Newman or two coming at you. You sprint towards the forest then suddenly stop. You’re trapped in quicksand and sinking slowly. You have to free yourself quickly before the Newman’s are upon you, so you sling out your rope at the nearest tree and waste some precious health pulling yourself to safety. Too bad the Newman had an assault rifle…you try to offer your rock… You never really had a chance anyways.

I like this. I saw swamp concepts on Trello so maybe something like this could come into play there. Maybe they wouldn’t kill you, but you’d sink down to your waist and it would slow you down a lot.

a kind of Sarlacc pit, you wouldn’t see it at first just the flat sandy ground but the sand would suddenly collapse around you and you’d fall deep into it or onto the edges where the long teeth stick out, if you’re lucky you manage to grab one and possibly climb out.