What action would you Bind to a key? V2 In real life

Lol i forget to write “In real life” before.
So, post new things lol.
Unless it’s for saying that this thread is dumb.

I would bind quti :downs:

Bind V noclip.

bind w kill

impulse 101. definitely :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And how would you press said keys?

Well something like you have a keyboard with you, and you can Bind anything you want in real life, like “Bind h +hit my brother”.

bind GOD that dont need svcheats

Error: console command does not exist

Bind w “noclip; impulse 101”

bind t ch_create vehichle_jalopy

bind m “rp_setmoney %player% 1000000”

bind v noclip
bind k sv_cheats 1
bind b god
bind ; impulse 101
bind l +ASS_menu

Thats pretty much all everybody will need.

And a Console if you want.

bind w god
bind s money value: infinite

bind $ “ent_create point_tesla”


bind k "givemoney 1,000,000

bind @ toggleconsole
I always overthing these things xD

Bind R +rape Bind e -rape Bind s +strip bind c -strip.