What Actually Happens When You Play Sandbox With Friends


Just a fun, short video me and my friends created. Does this happen to anyone else when you’re trying to do something productive in Sandbox?

usually with us it’s a massive clusterfuck all the damn time, ragdolls and props and lights and everything flying everywhere, it’s all a big giant disorganized mess

You forgot the constant nuke spam :v:

Someone took footage of our combat server. In this case, we encourage people to shoot one another at random

My server. Its usually a lot more hectic when i have more people on it, i have video of a bunch of my friends fucking around on my server but i haven’t uploaded it yet.

Usually its a mess, but sometimes we have golden moments where someone does something like spawn a bunch of truck sized spider mechs and I spawn my 30 story titan mech and I try to step on them as they run around blasting music over the playx.

fun times.

Are you a assassin?