What addon should i create?

Hello everyone. I’ve ran out of ideas for addons to create. It can be either for DarkRP or TTT.

Other than that im stumped. I cant think of something practical to do at all! Bare in mind i’m an absolute beginner so go easy on the suggestions.

Ill be down to try anything aslong as its goal is accomplishable by a absolute noob to GLua.

Thanks in advance.

A great TTT addon would be a HUD display that shows when you are dead and spectating a T. This means that you gain experience with TTT hooks and functions, as well as a little bit of HUD building.

Good luck! =)

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Look for some broken addons on garrysmod.org, fix them up, be happy.

After that you can try making a swep (common one is a swep that shoots chairs).

Could make a watermelon that follows the player.

Or make a HUD for TTT. HUDs are simple and you get to know derma and hooks.

Sex for DarkRP.

A script which requires a solid age-check before a user is allowed to join a server.

Another idea: A working, updated version if wires joystick module.

You could try making SWEPs that use models made with Clavus’ SWEP Construction Kit. Basically what it allows you to do is create a model render around a view and world model using the in game models as parts which can be applied to an SWEP. You can make an SWEP model out of cans, rebar, computers, anything. Best course would be to make a few practice designs, then make some serious ones and apply them onto simple hitscan weapons. It’d be great to see another person use SCK for their weapons.

What part of “I’m an absolute beginner” was lost on you?

I can find you alot of things that i need help with :smiley:

toilet addon for darkrp