What addons do you prefer?

Heya, Just going to ask this from you guys and might pick out few addons my self too, I had to eraze gmod once and now I can’t recall the good addons, so go nuts, tell me what you use and if you can link it I’d be happy once again.

So, lets begin, I used to have Gmow and wiresvn.

definetly get phx3 and try out pcmod2 and enginemod. If you want, try out RolePlay (gamemode).

PHX3, Wire, PCMod is good if your rping. Youtube player, Durgzmod, Ultimate vehicle packs, fueled mod vehicle packs, and for admin mod, ULX, with ULib and UNoLimited,

Spacebuild 2, LS2, RD2, Stargate, Wire, PHX, GCombat, and the Advanced Duplicator

My favorites are Wire SVN, PHX3, Stargate, ShoTGuNGuY’s Playermodels (3 SVNs), and Kermite’s weapon packs.

PHX3, Wire SVN, SmartSnap, Weld - Smart or Smart Constraint, Easy Precision (came with one of the addons I downloaded, can’t remember which.) I highly recommend all of them. Maybe GCombat too.

Multi-parent and easy precision.

Currently in beta stages but it contains more realistic fire, Smod like slow mo, hl2 cars with guns, and some really useful console commands, i am friends with the creator and he has some demonstration servers, he is called flaming-gummy-bear i think.

Malawar stools, weight tool, buoyancy tool, wing tool, fin tool, leafblower tool.

-GCombat SVN
-GCombatX SVN
-Wiremod SVN
-UO Wiremod SVN
-EasyPresicion STool
-LifeSupport 3
-Spacebuild 3
-Garry’s Bombs 3
-Smart Constraint STool
-No-Collide Multi STool
-Multi-Parent STool
-Linedraw STool
-Weight STool
-Wing STool

Ok, I’m done.

I have my server set up primarily for my kids, which explains some of the addons I’m running:

Adv Duplicator (SVN - comes with Wire)
Buoyancy Tool
Door STool (SVN - comes with Wire but expanded versions are available)
Easy Precision (SVN - comes with Wire)
Model Manipulator
Simple Prop Protection
Smart Snap
Smart Constraint
Stacker STool
ULib (SVN)
Weight STool
Wire (SVN)
Wire Model Pack 1 (SVN)
WireExtras (SVN)
WireMod2 (SVN)

OTHERS (that make the kiddies happy):
for_allah (aka Jihad Bomb), Halo Elite SNPC, Halo Master Chief, Halo Player Models, Halo SWEPS, hoverboard, Sonic Mod, Super Mario Galaxy, etc.

Check out this older thread asking the same question. Hope it helps! :v:

Well i have a ton of addons so i shall put down the ones from memory

Wire SVN
Wire extras or whatever SVN
Smart weld
Weight stool
harpoon cannon
ADV Dupe (of course)
a broken version of life support
a half broken version of SBMP
a retarded version of GCombat
Bouyancy tool
Fin tool
Kermite’s weapons packs

also i have Vmod and some other crap that i can’t remember but i probably put them in the wrong folder or something >.>

well thats that.
Easy precision

Isn’t Vmod and Gmow suppose to make Vehicle’s in the Vehicle tabs? I get models but never the actually Vehicles to drive.


Forgot my addon list.

And more

Adv. Duplicator, PHX3-2, Wiremod (mostly i use it for pimping my stuff with hightech shizzle)
Ragmod may be fun in the start, but hell, in the end, it’s annoying and boring. I survived a darn nuke!