What addons should I download?

So, with the new update, I feel that’s it’s about time for me to reinstall Garry’s Mod.

What addons should I download first? Not any of the stupid weapon packs or that shit, but big stuff like Wiremod.

PHX 3, wire(like you said), some tools like stacker and boyancy, smart constrant. esantaly a tool pack. the good stuff is a garrysmod.org. just look in STOOL

addons would depend on what gamemode your wanting to play on really


PHX3, wire, wire addons, stacker, basically like said above a tool pack, adv duplicator ( i think this comes with wire or gmod… one of the two i forgot)

same as above but add life support 2 or 3, RD2 or 3, resource transit, SBEP, and some popular spacebuild maps like GM_New_Worlds, Spacewar_V4, GM_Gooniverse.

PHX and wire. Connas tool pack. Stacker. Clipplane. Bouyancy. All the good stuff


PHX3 - Construction.
Wire - Construction.
Stacker - Don’t build crappy contraptions.
No Collide Multi - For shit that needs it.
Weld multi - Goes with No Collide.
SmartSnap - Oh, don’t even ask why you need this.
Unbreakable - need this for wooden things, you don’t want breaking.
Buoyancy - floating shit on water.

When you download SVN wire, it’ll come with Easy Precision.
Which you will love to use.


Mad cow’s Weapons are awesome.
All others, they’re w/e.

Porn mods

I’d say the only ones you can’t play much without are PHX, Wire, ADV Dupe, and Stacker.


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