What addons would you like to see?

I’m making a thread for this that everybody can come back to, like the WAYWO thread.
What addons would you like to see in s&box?

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I personally want a remake of Rag-Morph

AI Pokemon and working Pokeballs this time. Pokesafari kinda. Wanna also implement this in TTT as weapon. :smiley:

M9k Weapons - But this time more advanced and easier to mod.

Mech warriors would be sick.

Real Naruto Weapons, Rasengan, Amaterasu, Kunais etc.

Some sick shaders you can kill your system with. Raytracing and stuff.

Actual Water and Fire-Simulations.

Avatar like mesh deformation for earth and water bending.


Looking at some of the new stuff that people have recently been putting together for S&Box, like Pool and Minigolf, and even gKarts, I’d love for more stuff like that that’s completely out of left field to be explored, top-down stuff, asymmetric gamemodes, sports simulations (Darts? Table Football? Air Hockey?). Obviously I think first person gamemodes won’t go away and I’ll play tons of those, but these new perspectives and tools that S&Box provides will make these kinds of new gamemodes really shine.


It’s true that there are a lot of cool gamemodes being made, but this thread is meant specifically for addons. Things like weapons, npcs and playermodels. But yeah darts would be fun.

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Ohhhhh right I get what you mean, now you’ve got the brain going! Might respond with some thoughts later lol :slight_smile:

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Pokeballs would be cool. You can throw them and teleport a player into a separate part of the map, similar to the TARDIS. Theres a button that they spam so they can escape maybe.

Ooh thats another thing, the Tardis.

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Ragdoll mover to be able to manipulate a ragdoll’s bones for posing, soft lamps and submaterial where you can take a material from one object and put it in another object’s material (really useful forgrounds) and maybe stand pose.

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A while back I was drawing some concepts for a light detector that could get the average light level from where it’s at, and toggle a light depending on what it’s reading. If anybody makes wiremod I hope that will be there.

Creator of Steam Workshop::GarrýMon here.
I plan on developing a similar/improved system for s&box, but this time including pokemon and gameboy-like battle simulation etc, so look forward to that.


:eyes: I would LOVE to see this!

Would be cool if you make a base thats open for other gamemodes, so that we can habe pokeballs as weapons in ttt with real pokemon inside, that actually can attack other players or pokemon entities.
If not, maybe I can help you, because currently I try that in garrysmod.
But nice anyway <3

SourceBans integration or something similar. :slight_smile:

Original, pre gmod 13 style stuff but with the s&box twist.
Could be anything from new tools for sandbox mode or acadey style gamemodes that you can mess about in. That’d be really good to have.

A “Ball Race” addon just like the one seen on Gmod Tower.
Actually it would be cool if someone remade the whole Gmod Tower gamemode on S&Box.

The Source 2 equivalent of CAP. If nobody makes it I will make it myself. Imagine an event horizon shader that ripples based on the shape of the objects passing through it.

AoT stuff. Would be cool to make an RP of this universe. If done well could be really fun to play.

I would like to see a remake of gm_bigcity and would also like to see ww2 snpcs addons

In case you didn’t know, gmod tower was actually remade into its own standalone game “Tower Unite” with the ball race included amongst others. Not too say an s&box creation couldn’t do it better though : )