What admin mod do you use? Why?

I currently use vermilion 2 because i had problems with ULX so i just found vermilion. And then i fell in love of it

Why do you use? Why?

i use ULX because of i can use URS. i switched from Evolve once it shit itself after a while

Assmod is best mod. Simple as can be and no extra shit.

I used to use Moderator when I ran my stuff, it can be a tad buggy on the interface but it’s really easy to modify.

My own because all the public ones suck for one reason or another

I use my heavily modded (non-shitty) evolve. Because it’s great.

built-in darkrp fadmin, because i can kick & ban with it, the only thing i see useful with an admin mod.

noxiousnets admin mod. :stuck_out_tongue:

ULX because it’s actually updated and doesn’t come with crap you don’t need. It also uses proper grouping system unlike is it AssMod that uses some stupid numbering system.

What about “Fun” garbage?

It’s like spraying febreeze on garbage

It may smell good now, but it’s still garbage

There are plenty of ULX plugins available if your really need that sort of stuff or you can make your own.

He was referring to the guy saying ULX not having a lot of garbage when in reality it does. Though, it is very easy to strip ULX down to it’s bare-bones. It’s very modular.

ULX is the most supported and easy to use/useful. Use ULX but edit the chat messages, get CustomCommands and MoreULX. Just don’t give people permission for the fun crap. I also have an admin stick with lots of useful functions.

i just realy like ULX just cuz thats what i have known and since learning admins and mods about other ones is very hard.

ULX, just got with ULX…

You should probably get rid of your staff team if they have problems using another admin panel than ulx.

I use ULX, its simple and easy.

Back in the day Citrus. If not that I like community made ones like Sassilization, orange cosmos RP ect.

Still use assmod