What Admin mod should i use?

From when i started hosting a server, i’ve been using Assmod;
recently i’ve been informed about other admin mods such as ULX and NewAdmin
all i’ve been getting from players on servers is biased comments, saying one or the other is better
so if you have experience of using a few of said admin mods, please, enlighten me with the strengths and weaknesses, stability, interface etc. :slight_smile: im interested to see which preferences people have

assmod is a lot easier from my experience.

yes, but i’ve been told its too simple…

[ ASSMod ]

  • A fucking monkey could use it.
  • Has plenty of functionality.
  • Admin Has No Limits (optional)
  • You HAVE to use the menu. No chat commands, no console commands, none of that. Means you have to actually BE THERE to admin. Not good.
  • Exploits.
  • No longer developed (except that one guy who’s resurrecting it, but his version isn’t released, last I checked)
  • Can’t customize groups.

[ ULX ]

  • TONS of stuff you can get for it.
  • Customizable groups (you can have “owner,” “admin”, “donator”, “respected”, “user” instead of the defaults).
  • Multiple ways of using it.
  • Not as easy to use.
  • Requires a Lua library (seperate addon).

Well, acually. There are Assmod console commands, such as: ASS_ ChangeMap, so you can admin it from a dedicated server console. Also, you can customize, all you need to know is some basic lua.


By the way, don’t get NewAdmin.
Overv is working on Evolve, and although it’s not done yet, it’s already lightyears ahead of NewAdmin.
It’s downloadable using SVN. The SVN link is on my tutorial: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=688324


This != customization.

thanks for the help… Evolve sounds good

ULX is very usful because of its console commands. I actually use assmod and ulx together.