What admin mods remain?

Assmod - Terrible.
ULX - Possibility, not as graphically pleasing but that doesn’t matter.
Evolve - Stopped being worked on.
Exsto - Dead.

I am using Evolve for my TTT server but the problem is that since it stopped being worked on it starts to break. !ban is breaking and bans fall off the list.

So if you could: What good admin mods remain? What do you use?

Try kontrol mod.

Exsto and Assmod were both promising but are dead due to lack of upkeep by the original developers.

ULX is a mod that been around for years its reliable but not easily to mod for up incoming coders. Only problem with ULX is its mod-ability and its interface.

Evolve is both good and terrible. Once you taken on enough players your handy text file that stores all the “cool information” starts to hang your server every time a player joins. I reported this problem long time ago in the original evolve thread and the issues has been reported multiple times and ignored of the years.

kontrol is a nice sleek simple admin mod. I would suggest kontrol.

If your looking for a modular admin mod that’s lightweight and doesn’t have a bunch of junk kontrol is the admin mod for you. You can easily tweak it to your liking.

Some of the information in this post is meant to help people who will later browse this thread.

Thanks a ton! I will check them both out. (Kontrol and ULX).

I will most likely use Kontrol (as long as it wont die soon).

EDIT: I found it’s FP page but it had an info.txt. Leading me to believe it was outdated. (The SVN link by the way)

Where can I find plugins? There a website?

change info.txt to addon.txt as for plugins their are none but their real easy to make. Name the ones you want.

Interesting. Has anybody tried to revive it?

It still should be functional with some quick fixes.


Only will take about an hour to fix up and change form tmysql to mysqloo. Since mysqloo been getting more attention and the current developer is more active and aware of their module occasionally breaking.

kontrol working 100% just polishing it.

BTW if you want to keep Evolve for TTT, delete the sh_scoreboard.lua file. It breaks the scoreboard. Then you can use it again. Welcome. :wink:

I did that a long time ago haha. Thanks.