What all can I BZ2 for FastDL?

I understand the basic concept of FastDL and I know where to put everything so that it downloads, but what all can I BZ2 so that the download is faster? I know for sure that you can BZ2 maps and materials, but can I do the same thing with sounds and models etc.? Just want to know so I don’t fuck up my server and then have to scramble around trying to fix it.

This is all in the Garry’s Mod wiki and various SRCDS guides on the internet…

It would be more helpful if you provided a link…

Just bzip everything using recursive bzip on your server’s garrysmod folder.

I use the commerical version of this that works with TcAdmin, syncs and bzips all files when the program is run, just edit the .ini file.

Also You can bzip


Any addons that have the above folders inside their folder copy to the fast dl server as well.