What all can you do to optimize a map?

Well, I’m going to work on my rp_urbantown map again. The reason I quit was mainly because of my compile times, they were really annoying. 30-40 minutes for one compile. Does anyone possibly know what good ways to optimize your map are?


30-40 mins is not a long compile time. When your maps get large, it will take longer.

A well optimized map should never take longer than 10 minutes to compile.

Place nodraw on faces that are not going to be seen by the player, func_detail architecture, angle corners to avoid intersecting brushes and unaligned textures, stuff like that.

Thanks for all of the help. I’m going to start doing this. ^^

Rad itself can take hours(LDR then HDR) on a larger map, that has nothing to do with ‘optimization’.

If my maps in HDR will it take longer to compile? I’ve always compiled in HDR, if it’s a problem though I may just do it in LDR then do my final compile in HDR.

It does actually. Lightmap scale optimisation. Using low scales where unecessary (i.e. faces with even lighting) uses up more RAM and creates a larger .bsp, not being ignorant, keeping your lightmap scales appropriate (i.e. optimising) should mean you aren’t waiting much more than 30 odd minutes. Granted computer spec and map size are a factor, but for a map I made for DFA which filled the entire grid and had in excess of 1800 displacements took a mere 45 mins for a full final VRad pass with HDR.


HDR takes a second VRad pass of your map, so yes it does increase compile times, typically a doubling of the VRAD section.