What am I doing wrong? [Textureing in Blender 2.60]

Well I was going to post this on fast threads, but seeing how people were there I decided against it, and if you dont use Blender, you wont be much help here as a heads up.

Anyway I have been trying to get a working model for about a month now, im using Blender 2.60 and after a stage of models being invisable, I have gotten to checkerboarding.

Well then…

I have done this

  1. Unwrap cube (im just using the starting cube since im just testing)

  2. Deleate the default texture and material (do I even need to do a texture since on the models of my gmod folder ive decompiled they dont seem to have textures??)

3 Then I mark every edge on the cube as a seam (am I supposed to do that?),

4 I make a new material, and name it the exact name of my texture (including extension, as I think I need to), and leave the default options on (also, do I need to mess with the data linking)

5 Now I make a new texture, import the texture I was useing for the UV and name the texture the exact name of the file like I did for the mat in 4, now I set type to image or movie, and turn the mapping to UV, and I just set the layer for uv mapping to “UVtex” -Do I even need this step?

6 Now I make my own .qc and compile                   -Im 75% this isent the problem, and im compileing right
7 I go into gmod, and BOOM, MISSING TEXTUREEE

I know this will take long and this post is annoying to read, and Im not expecting anyone to bother helping me with all the problems I have here, but I guess its worth a shot

And please dont post a useless comment like "DURHUR, goe to yewtub and geht vidho ??? prfufit" or "RED GUIDZ HERA http://*********com/y8ufsnp TEE HEEE"

I didnt even know that tinyurl is censored, that was a rick roll btw :D

I don’t mark seams at all when using Blender, and can you post your qc? Also, for the textures are you using VMTs and VTFs?

looks like I was stupid enough to leave out the path for my textures in my vtf (or was it vmt? I always get the picture one and the data one confused) but a 10min vid from dvondrake fixed a months worth of problems, problem solved. :smiley: