What am i doing wrong?

I’m trying to make a class in DarkRP, but it won’t work. WTF am i doing wrong? I put this in the shared.lua but still doesn’t work? any suggestions? thanks.

TEAM_AGENT = AddExtraTeam(“Agent”, Color(255,255,254,255), “models/player/arctic.mdl”, [[Become bad or good. Raid or save lives. Your choice]], {“weapon_bugbait”, “lockpick”, “keypad_cracker”}, “agent”, 3, 69, 0, false)

Whats the error?

I put that class in the shared.lua but it won’t work!

“Hey, my car doesn’t work.”

Oh wow, great description. Please look up the error in the console and then post it, so we will be able to help.

Nevermind, i found the fix. sry for wasting anybodys time and for being a noob.