What am i downloading?

Every server i join i have to download around 143 files i recently did a COMPLETE reinstall of gmod deleting the folder and everything and now i have to download files like pr0p.c4 (about 20-30 of these textures)

weapons/w_jbdx90 and variations of this and also about 5 graffiti files.

This happens on every non sandbox server i join and frankly i dont understand it

It’s a monster BLAAAAAAAGHHH

Nah just kidding lol,

Probably some shitty mod or something that doesnt even work, I have no idea dude it hasn’t happened to me yet. Although I never check the files being downloaded = me being a retard. Run a file scan to see if they’re infected, if theres nothing wrong with them then you don’t need to worry about it, only that it takes up space in your Gmod folder.

When you join a server, you need to download the things they have so that you can see them in your game.

Well neither of you 2 even read my post as i stated im downloading the same files on every server i join and i gave examples theyre not mods because i checked with the owners

The weapon will most likely be a model, and the first one will be a texture for a custom C4 model.

Not hard to figure out, why are you worrying anyway?