What amount of addons is it safe to have.

I am just wondering. I have about 8 Gb of addons and i wonder how much it effects my game.

8GB of Addons? What is the list? Generally the more addons you have the longer the load time and the time it takes to join servers

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8 GB of addons is probably too much, but only really if you’re getting impatient with loading times.

I load like 1 minute and I have 3,2 gb

Depends on your computer, really. The faster your processor and/or hard drive, the faster the game will load… but the “safe” limit largely depends on your sanity and how long you’re willing to wait. :v:

Yea, I have quite honestly download most of gmod.org. i have almost 50gb of addons alone. course i have a decent quad core with 3.1ghz but it still takes me around 5 mins to load up.

Well, you definitely have too many addons if they really take up that much space.

I load up in about a minute, getting in game around 7 minutes, 1.5gb of addons. Yay terrible computer! I’d say around 3gb of addons is alright.

My friend did that. I need a better pc