What an unknown "krya"?

Hello. What could be the reason for this?

Not really much I can say considering I know crap all about the Hammer editor, the only thing I can recommend is that if there isn’t a way to fix this and that this is a major bug. It’d probably be good if you made an issue ticket on the S&Box Github repository, if there isn’t already something similar made about it.

I’d wait a bit first though to see what everyone else more experienced has to say since they might have a solution, sorry I’m not much of help. : P

Did you try doing a full compile?


Apparently only this remains, thanks for the help)

this is a problem with vis
try compiling only vis or checking the area that is problematic for little bits of geometry that might be snagging something

“Exclude from vis” is a neat thing you can check in mesh properties, it’s like func_detail but for sorse 2

Good luck

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The problem was solved by shifting the geometry up the Z axis from the zero coordinate line. I have no idea how I came to such a solution, I just took it and did it, and it helped.

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