What anti-cheat can I use?

Hi, I want to get a server anti-cheat, but most of the threads are almost a year old now so I was wondering what I could get. I would like to tun it alongside ScriptEnforcer and VAC. I hear the SMAC is pretty good, but then again I don’t think it has a whitelist function, which is what I need since it takes a second to change the commands. Thanks in advance!
Note: it HAS to work on a listen server.

First off:
VAC is enabled by default and cannot be turned off.
Servers with VAC disabled allow VAC banned players to join.

using sv_scriptenforcer 1 or 2 will stop clients from using their scripts on your servers.

The only way to bypass the SE is to use binary modules or memory editors such as cheat engine.
When a client uses these things, 99.99999999% of the time they get flagged by VAC and get banned.
Since the majority of the Gmod player base are complete retards, most of them won’t know
how to do a bypass anyway.

If you are looking for an admin mod that handles kicking players, then just grab any
one, it doesn’t matter at all.

VAC can be turned off with the -insecure launch parameter.

Dog, you don’t have the faintest idea what you are talking about.


You just said it can’t be turned off… but yes, you’re right, VAC banned people can join because VAC isn’t enabled.

Correction: Most clients.

Incorrect. There’s many ways of doing it, some of which do not require any traditionally VAC-risky methods.

Incorrect. Currently the only thing in GMod that VAC bans for, is BaconBot. It has been that way for a whole year now.

They are retards with money. Money can generally get someone who isn’t a retard to provide for those who are.

No, he’s looking for a Lua or C anticheat.

There are anti-cheats that protect better against more then VAC or ScriptEnforcer does but they are private.

I dont see why you would want to use a Anti-Cheat on a Listened server however?
Because you the admin will almost always be there while its online and you can simple ban the cheaters.

FAC by Flapdar or Cold Fusions Anti Cheat I don’t remember the name

I’m sure its more like 98% not 99% of players will bypass SE(possibly more). I’m sure their are a great amount of players with cheats and I know their’s more than 1%.

Theirs about 2.3k players regularly.

Is SMAC good for gmod? (SourceMod andi-cheat)

I think KAC for sourcemod works for gmod. Im pretty sure. But those Ac’s only detect convars.

I know, but apparently SMAC is based off of KAC, and is updated more frequently, right?

I haven’t used and as I stated I beleive all source mod anti cheats use convar detection method which is terrible. Which is why FAC is a good addition for KAC or SMAC. Because its sets the meta table and prevents cheats for loading in almost all cases.

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http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1074636 - ACP (ColdFusion)
http://www.facepunch.com/threads/999918 - FAC (Flapdar)

Take a look at this:

That’s everything SMAC does.