What Antihack settings are you using?

We experienced a wave of fly/jump hackers over the weekend all of a sudden which were a task to manage, so I’ve decided to enable the kick/ban functionality of server side Antihack and not adjusted any of the settings with the exception of setting it to Kick on enforcement, and write debug entries on violations to enable future adjustment.

Is everyone else using the default settings or have you tweaked over time based on false positives? If you have what settings are you using and what kind of hit rate are you getting?

antihack.enabled false

I use the Anticheat/r, EntityOwner and Chestlogger from oxide and a custom plugin made myself to log info and use that in investigations when users are reported as cheater.
I also have VACkicker so no one with a VAC (no matter wich game you got it from) will not enter.

But I never allow plugins or my server settings to ban users on it’s own.

I must admit i’m not running a high population server though. There are 20-ish users at peak online.
So naturally I don’t have the same issues that you are having.