What are acceptable donation amounts rewards for a RP server?

First of all, I’m not looking to sell staff ranks of any kind, I believe they are something that should be earnt through hard work, trustworthiness, skill to fulfil the position and like and dedication towards the community.

I’m currently working on a roleplay server using darkrp its not what you think I’m only using darkrp for the framework I really want to make it different to all the other servers out there, I don’t really have a name to describe it atm so lets call it No-bullshit rp for now. Bullshit like fearrp etc wont be a rule, I want to make darkrp fun again. We want to have minimal preset Jobs to encourage organic rp where there are structured teams which require players to work their way up. PD Cheif, Captains, Lieutenants, and you have to attend training sessions with higher ups to progress in the ranks. whilst having other less serious elements like meth cooking to help keep it fun and balanced

I have never run a gmod server before publicly before so I’m looking for suggestions on what would make good rewards for people donating to help pay towards the server costs and how much they should cost. Things I would not want to give out for donations other than staff ranks is ingame currency which I think ruins the ingame economy and overpowered donator weapons / items which make it unfair for non paying players. I’m currently looking at cosmetic items such as Car skins for around $5 and things like donator weapons that look cool / special abilities but do the same if not less damage than the free ones [again focus on cosmetic rewards]. however I’m not sure if this is a good idea.


Giving advice based on what you provided us wont help, we know littarly 0 about your server, what the gamemode is, etc.

All we know right now is that your server has cars. Going to need more info OP

Ok I updated my original post, sorry.

VIP - $10 - a couple more jobs, higher prop limit, 1 more printer/whatever entity, and just to support the server.

I’ve seen some good servers around that go a bit like this:

Supporter: $4 includes fly mode (noclip but with clipping) a significant cash bonus a higher prop limit and perhaps a chat/name tag.

VIP: $8 includes all of the supporter bonuses but with an even higher prop limit, and an exclusive job (It would be a good idea to add some more small rewards here, something to make supporters think that spending their money was worth it.)

Über VIP: $14 (You decide this one, it should be a nice reward but not be too overpowered.)

Thanks for the suggestions, I like the idea of a Higher prop limit and chat tags. not sure about flymode though.

Yeah, flymode isn’t really a good idea for a roleplay server, it would be pretty unfair to everyone else. Higher prop limit is always a good idea, just make sure you don’t make the default limit ridiculously low so that regulars can’t build anything worthwhile.

Anything cosmetic can do, too, really. Car skins, player skins or hats or whatever. Cosmetic stuff that doesn’t affect gameplay in any way is a good idea, as long as you make the stuff worth the money and not too standing-out.

Also avoid giving more leniency to donators over regular members. That’s generally a pretty bad thing to do.

When you donate, you can, for example, purchase pistols from the f4 menu but with an increased price.


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