What are dropped weapons? (Entities perhaps?) question inside!

Hi, so I am having trouble understanding what dropped weapons are.

My guess is that they are entities which despawn when walked over and give the player getting contact the weapon they are suppose to be.

But how Can I edit a fallen weapons code, you know if it is an entity.

Stuff like floating text above them giving info on their stats, plain text.

I just don’t know where to start on this one.

Can I make a client side script which seeks entities on the ground and shows a text above them?
If so, any tips?

EDIT I got it, my answer was ents.GetAll()

But I have a new problem which I think is a whole new different thing.

Closing this one.

Dropped entities are exactly the same entities that you hold.

For example, if you used ply:GetActiveWeapon() to get the weapon entity, dropping it and finding it somehow would give you the exact same thing ply:GetActiveWeapon() returned.

Also for example, if ent was a weapon on the floor somewhere, doing :

ent.Primary.Cone = 0;

Would eliminate spread when the weapon is picked up.

Thanks for the reply, it kind of gave me an idea of what it exactly is!