What are : for?

Well, I was wondering what are “:” for in Lua? Thanks

Calling a method on an object.


It is the same as doing this:
[lua]object.method(object, arguments)[/lua]


In the first one, you can use the object inside the function by using self.

[lua]function object:method(arguments)

same as:

[lua]function object.method(object, arguments)

Ok thanks. I understand now :slight_smile:

Also I was wondering about something else, I was wanting to make an entity and I wondered how I Would go about this. Currently I’m looking at the moneyprinter script from DarkRP and figuring it out, but is there a list of things which can be used for entities?

(Like these)

One final thing, could someone explain exactly what a hook is? Someone explained before but I’m still not too sure.

If someone could help I would be very greatful :slight_smile: Thanks

You can find all of this information on the wiki.





Thanks again :slight_smile:
I still don’t quite get what an hook is though. Is it a condition? Like when a player spawns could that be a hook?

Edit - I mean hook not entity :slight_smile:

Almost all objects in Source are entitys - players, props, etc.


Hook is essentially a pretty name for events. You hook your functions to events and they get called when this event occurs.

Ok thanks. So it’s called a “hook” as you’re hooking together an event and function?

Can’t you just do something like this or is hooking the only way?
onevent(event) do function

Hooking is the only way.

[lua]hook.Add(“PlayerConnect” , “ThisHookRemovesItself” , function§ hook.Remove(“PlayerConnect” , “ThisHookRemovesItself”) end )[/lua]

Ok thanks. :slight_smile: