What are good RP scripts?

Why did I even bother asking? RP right now is just buttshits killing other buttshits and the non-buttshits killing buttshits and non-buttshits.

So we have come to this. Players avoid a role-playing server because it hasn’t got enough guns and jobs. (That can probably be roleplayed without any script at all) Roleplaying is supposed to be like acting a role of a certain person, not to buy guns.

But eh, why don’t you ask in the DarkRP thread for all DarkRP problems? It’s in the Gamemodes -> Gamemode releases -forum, at the top of the page.


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You don’t need a gun to be a gangster. But if you do, then why don’t add custom guns to the gamemode? It’s not that hard. :stuck_out_tongue:

Talking of not using guns, this reminds me of a time on MelonBrew (Gmod 10) when my pal accidentally dropped a bomb through the roof of a church.
There was a wedding in the church.
Epic. (Not to mention he didn’t get permabanned. The admins weren’t nazis!)

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Well. I suggest you try a Half Life 2 Roleplay Script. They are so much fun with little to no guns, I personally prefer that. As Role Play is ment to be about your character and to make them think you are really them. You dont need weapons to do that, That’s just a pretty accessory.

If your looking for extreme roleplay, like above defiantly go for HL2 RP.

If your looking for a laid back/ popular roleplay I would suggest Dark RP.


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