What are good tactics to finding teammates?

Hello. Just wondering exactly how people always manage to find each other. Me and my cousin recently bought the game and have not been able to find each other within the past 5 hours. I think we may just be terrible at finding things. So may I ask what do you guys do to find people? Is there a console with commands to give position or anything like that?

few things… find a high spot see if you can find spots like some of the radiation areas, coast lines, and ofc you can use the sun.

I think the command in chat is /coords to see your coordinates, correct me if i’m wrong. Another thing you can do is to hit the “V” key if you have a mic, and go up to people and ask if they want to team up, one thing that can happen though is that they might kill you.

/coords didnt work D:

Joining a clan…

I don’t mean finding new ones :stuck_out_tongue: Read. I mean as in literately finding them. As in us meeting up in game at the same location. Hes been searching for my base for about 6 hours or so before the servers went down again.

Well if you are with teammates you usually would be in a skype call or something like teamspeak and you would basically just say jump check or crouch or what not and if they do then their good if they dont then you light them up = /

  1. Set your default microphone to Stereo mix


  1. Go on Youtube and listen to good music, and activate VOIP :
  1. Run around, meet people, dance

If your friend and you have screenshots you can eventually find each other, or just keep on typing suicide in console till he gets a good spawn near you

Find a landmark like the hangar or something and meet up there.

Just run around yelling until he finds you, or until you run out of breath.

Yea hangar is dangerous but you can usually find yourself always spawning there at sometime

Hes in the room next to me. Only problem is i’m in the middle of batshit nowhere. I have had him watch my screen for about 20 minutes searching for any sort of land marks in the area. We had found none except for some semi largish man made structures. Was hoping that there could be a map or coordinates that would display your position.

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Would do this but there is no stero mix for me D: I’ve tried using v-cable but the quality is shit.

You could try using http://playrustwiki.com/wiki/Ingame_Maps

Worth a shot.

Thanks. I might be able to figure out where I am according to this and lead him there :smiley:

No problem, it’s actually simple once you’ve run around for a bit. :slight_smile:

try /do coords



This was a link on that map. Seems to actually show people with their names and such. This seems like a bookmark.

Whoa, very neat. :smiley:

When me and my friend both bought the game on the same day, we had the same problem. Within the 2 3 weeks I’ve been playing, I’ve come up with these strategies to figure it out.

  1. Someone spawn, and make a mini base with a sleeping bag near the spawn point. Then have your friend suicide until he reaches the spawn point, let him in your base while you go get enough cloth to make him a sleeping bag.

  2. Use the map on rustwiki to find landmarks, like the hangar, and try to meet up there.

  3. Run around on the road, meet up on the road.

  4. Wander around until you find eachother or dont give a fuck anymore.