"What are models?" - A Model-less Mapping Competition with Prizes!

Hey guys, since “What’s outside the window?” went so well; I thought it’d be cool to have another small competition.

The gist of the contest is that models are not allowed. This is a test of your brushwork skill and how you can utilize other tools to make-up for it.

1st Place - $10 Paypal from KnightVista
2nd Place - $5 Paypal from KnightVista

Remember the competition ends on Monday, January 28, 2012 at 12:00 AM CST!
Best of Luck!


I’m great with making complex objects out of brushes, but whenever I join a contest I never manage to finish my entry.

Good luck to everyone participating!

I’ll give it a shot. Should be awesome as heck to see how this turns out!

This sounds like mapping for GoldSrc. I like that.

I’ll take a spin at it. already making a map that has no models so far.

Is this eyecandy or does it have to have gameplay?

Gameplay over eyecandy any day.

Does it matter what engine branch(2007, Portal2, CS:GO, L4D2, etc)?

I’ll do it!

I’d rather you not use Portal 2 because I do not have it : (

But if you do please package the content with the map.

L4D2 is fine.

Well I’m out if it needs gameplay.

I was going to join but then the UDK told me that everything is models.

These competitions are generally for the Source engine, anyways.

I’m in.

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out of hospital now so time to map map and map again.

Is it allowed to submit a map made before this competition?

Count me in!

Absolutely, submit it any time.

Make sure you post that you’re in or you won’t be on the poll because your name isn’t on the OP!


I’m in!

Here it is! A small CSGO map designed for one-on-one close-range training.

Note that the video makes it look darker than it really is.

Im liking it, It could have a little bit more space, and hiding places :wink:

I don’t mind doing this. Let me see what I can cook up.

Stiffy’s brush based tree comes to mind