What are people looking for when searching for a server?


As the title specifies I’m wonder what people are looking for when searching for a server, what do you prefer when it comes to mods and mechanics.

I personally favor Instantcraft over normal/halfcraft for example.
Recently I started enjoying Economics Mod.
And yada yada.

Last night I bought my own server and are now looking for input on what mods to use in order to make it attractive to players so its easy/easier to establish a player base.
I really appreciate all input!


A server where I can actually play and not get banned :slight_smile:


Active admins! The most important thing me and my friends are looking for. Because there are a LOT of hackers. Some of them even dodge the VACban.
I’ve seen a dude get banned from a server, he came back with a different nick, talked shit and left himself…

A server where you can craft everything, research everything, active admins, min 30 people, newbie spawn friendly, active admins, no admin abuse, doorsharing,(Oxide, Rust++), extra airdrop. that are the things where most people will fall for.