What are some good File Hosts with FTP that don't require websites?

First of all, sorry if this is in the wrong section. I’m not sure if it belongs in GMod General Discussion or in here.

I’m trying to set up FastDL for my GMod server. Obviously, I need a site to host the files on. However, all of the decent file hosting websites I’ve found that have FTP support don’t allow hosting for game files (all files have to be used for a website.) Could someone recommend one that allows for plain files and has FTP support, preferably one that is cheap? Sorry if this is a stupid question; I don’t know much about file hosting.

NFOservers as a Lite plan for $3.

From their ToS for banned things on web hosting. Wouldn’t this count for Fastdl, since it’s meant to be served through a Gmod client instead of a web browser? Once again, sorry if this is a stupid question.

I wouldn’t think so, seeing how the free plan they give you with a gameserver is automatically used by their control panel for FastDL.

Last one this time, this wouldn’t apply to what I’m doing right? It’s just that they do provide fastdl with their servers, and this is basically using the web space for my servers when they want me to use it with their servers.

You can ask their support, but I doubt that’s what they mean by it.