What are some good, flexible maps for RP that are edit friendly?

I’m curious which maps have been publicly released, that the author has provided the VMF for? I am thinking about starting an RP server and can invest some $$ into this.

Would want some edits made to the map, both in design and optimization.
Plan to make any edits I’ve had done / paid for made available back to the community.
Don’t want to ask authors for permission to edit their work (if they aren’t putting it out there to be edited by others, it’s probably not worth the hassle to edit or accusations of stealing)

There is a thread on here with a lot of WIPs released. Cant remember the name of the guy but he made that rp_jorlekko (something like that) map.

Going by the vagueness in your post you dont seem to have an specific maps in mind. Are you looking for a particular theme? Would it not be a better idea to build a new map to better suite your needs?

I like HL2 themed maps. My edits would mostly be things like removing some of the graffiti, taking out props…

It seems like having a new map created would cost a ton (thousands or more.) Is this not the case? If I commissioned a map it would be a space ship (star trek vibe) Perhaps a map where there are two ships (could be duplicates)

Here are four maps that I think I could work with (in order of preference)


Can any of these be edited freely without someone complaining that I’m stealing?

Plenty of Roy_the_Ship edits have been made, and I don’t see too much drama raised over them. It has a lot of complex geometry that’d break when you decompile it, though. I have no idea about the rest.

this is the best

i released that by the way

Yes I found that thread! I really don’t want to decompile. I’d like to make whatever edits are made available in vmf form to others as well.


I really like Gm_ship3 but loaded it in hammer and have no idea how to see most of the textures. So it looks like a bunch of yellow wall with text, with the occasional prop and texture in there.

I tried to select all and apply a texture, but this killed the hammer.

So what I would like to do is to make this more sci-fi. Like the interior of a submarine or a space ship.

I dunno if this makes sense, but it will be RP with resource management. Engineering areas, medical, etc will have places for batteries, as well as a primary power generator.

If the ship gets attacked, some of the power units may explode and have to be replaced.

Thats down the road a ways though. I’m poking around in it with hammer (no idea what I’m doing) and trying to start it up in Half Life 2 to walk around and get an idea for how big it is.

edit: wow I could hear it’s engine running, but it was pitch black

No offense, but if you don’t exactly have a handle on the editor yet I wouldn’t start editing other people’s maps.

OP, you’re not going to learn anything by editing decompiled maps.

Sure you can decompile and examine to learn what and how other people did something of interest, but if you want to get start somewhere and get better, make something yourself.

I think that oskutin released vmfs that he had started but not finished. So the good news is it’s not a decompiled heap of you know what to work with.

At the same time… yeah, if he saw how things look for me in hammer right now he would probably never let me near his maps. I don’t intend to release anything myself… I am curious though how much it would cost to have someone clean it up a bit.

By that I mean taking out some props, giving the floors a floorish texture, and giving the walls a wallish texture (or maybe even dev textures). Once I could get in and explore it a little better, I’d be able to make more specific requests.

For the dev textures I would really recommend that you stay away from them, they’re are only good for maps with advanced and interesting architecture were textures are not necessary for aesthetics.